Birds, Trees and Weather ever.

Flowers grow here, Trees grow here,
Rain comes here, Sun brights here.

Here is Clouds which fight,
they give us lots of sight.

All the Day, they bright,
All the Night, they fright.

Thank you "ALLAH" for such a Treasure,
Which we just can’t Measure.

Here is a Sun which brights,
We are glad when it rise.

Trees are Big, also are Green,
They give us Pure fresh breath.

We pray "ALLAH" to give us sharp brain,
Also pray to give us beautiful rain.

"ALLAH" give us all we want,
Food, Plants, Cold and Warm.

I love pair of Birds,
They are like my Heart.

Thank you "ALLAH" for pair of Pegans,
And also for such a parents.

Parents are gift of God,
Which seeks us alot.

Lord of the Universe, who is One,
He made the Stars, Earth and Sun.

"ALLAH" made Flowers and Bees,
Which gives us sign of Peace.

Moon, Trees, Flowers and Stars,
All are the witness of God.

It is nothing all about Nature,
I just give idea about Features.

It is nothing all in Universe ,
"ALLAH" is so kind toward us.

My hobby is to write a Poem,
First time I write a Poem.

I Thank "ALLAH" for such a Life,
Which give us Pleasure and Pride.